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Not Surprised!

while ‘inbound’ has been all the rage, and many young entrepreneurs think sales & outbound sales are irrelevant…

the reality is that MarketingProf’s research fits with my experience – while inbound and many other kinds of lead-gen are important, and complementary – outbound prospecting is the best way for b2b companies to immediately add pipeline and predictably drive growth.

and – if you’re a b2b company that has launched, and you’re NOT doing outbound prospecting yet, why not?  

to read the full article, including their info on social media, you can find it here.

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PS – on the personal front, i’ve been juggling growing my consulting/training business with spending a lot of time with my kids.  if we’re not friends on facebook/linkedin, you may not have seen the updates on our 4-yr old, maverick, who had a 12-hour operation last week.

when we adopted him from china, we knew he had a condition with his elbow and knees in that they don’t bend very well (or at all).

the operation is helping re-align his crooked legs.  he’s recovering at home now in a Thomas The Train-blue bodycast that he’ll be in for the next 6 weeks.  (pictures on facebook)

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