I’d be nowhere without thinking this way

Aaron Ross

30 October 2017

Are you letting the unknown / busyness / budget stop you from taking a next 10x leap in life or business?  

– starting your own business (whether part- or full-time)
– writing / publishing a book
– having or adopting a(nother) child
– career change 
– pursuing a dream you’ve always had on hold (like my wife jessica is pursuing her singing dream)

or business ones…
– productizing your services
– hiring an experienced leader
– starting a “real” outbound program
– _____?

so look.  you will ALWAYS have great reasons for putting that breakthrough project on hold indefinitely.

yes you ARE busy.

yes you ARE and need to be careful with your finances.

you DON’T have the ‘perfect’ person to run that thing or partner with…

you DON’T KNOW how it will work, there’s no perfect plan…  

so here’s the thing: you’ll never have enough time, money or predictability.  and if you want for the perfect moment when it’s easy… it’ll never come.  

so: try a different approach. 

what works for me are Forcing Functions.  ‘From Impossible’ readers will recognize this.

what’s more likely to motivate you to get in shape:
– joining a gym, or
– posting on facebook / telling friends you’re going to run a marathon next April

there’s nothing like public declarations with a deadline to motivate people!  (they work for me)

but the principle is finding a way to commit yourself so that you’re forced to make it happen and can’t retreat or quit, despite anxieties, limitations or excuses (aka creative constraints) you have to deal with.

rather than drafting your book and then finding a publisher or way to publish it… what if you decided – and told people –  “I’m publishing my book next April.”  you don’t need a title yet – that deadline will help force you to pick one.   (again this works for me).

that’s not the only way to commit yourself, another PERFECT way, and much more common, is just taking a baby step today.  like speaking with an adoption agency.  or having coffee with a friend or partner to discuss whatever that thing is.  or applying to school.  or even making a list of business names, or registering a URL for a business… 

it all works in helping make that 10x dream / goal / project more real.

just take any step, whether small or large.

and then another.  and repeat day after day.

it may take months, maybe years, but the path to success will become clear. 

if you adapt along the way rolling with the changes, and don’t quit.

the hard part can be trusting that you are doing the right thing by keeping going, even when success is unclear and you may have been at ‘this’ for years.  (like starting a business and getting it to your definition of success, which can take 5-10 years).


aaron ‘air’ ross

ps: thinking about building your own internal team to do outbound? (like Wpromote did to blow up growth to 100% year-over-year…).  read about more examples of how companies did it themselves

pps: read more about Forcing Functions in FromImpossible.com

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