The best salespeople are “business people who can sell” rather than just salespeople.  Whether they’re selling new customers as “‘Account Executives, or selling to current customers as ‘Account Managers’ or ‘Customer Success Managers’.

They listen much more than they talk and understand customers’ industry/business/needs.  They care about their prospects and customers.  Because they care, and are experts in their topics, they naturally build trust with customers while showing them how to improve their job or business. They believe in their product and company and are honest.  They don’t sell stuff to people that don’t need it or can’t use it.

Making money’s important to this kind of salesperson, but not the most important thing.  They don’t choose to make money at the expense of their customers, only while helping their customers.

The best salespeople, when working with new prospects, aren’t just closing deals – they’re “selling to success.”  They are selling the customer not on signing the contract, but on the new ideas and tools that customer needs to improve their business (of which the contract is just one step of many to get there).  They are selling the customer on ways to get over their fears & challenges around change.  They are making a difference while making money.

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