the thing that has most powered my success in work or family, has been deciding to say “yes” to things that felt important, even when, or especially when, i didn’t see at that time how i would be able to do it.  (in fact, the last parts of the new From Impossible book go into detail on this…)

SO: if you have salespeople or SDRs in which outbound is a key part of their job, get them into the new Predictable University‘s 4-week Predictable Revenue Certification.

tonight is a key deadline for joining it.

1) why sign your team up?

  • free up your management time and mental energy from ‘the basics’, so you can focus on 1-1 coaching
  • challenge your team to be the best.  what, there’s NOTHING you can improve or learn right now from the curriculum?  you’re perfect?
  • get a private call with me, if you have a team signing up.
  • especially with salespeople who prospect part-time, it’s SO EASY for them to waste their prospecting time & energy.  they especially especially have to be on-point with their techniques, prioritization and time management.
  • more consistency and quality in outbound skills across your SDRs or AEs.  it’s one thing to get results for a few weeks or months, but another to make it sustainable for years.
  • escape the “email template fixation” trap and get your people trained on the fundamentals of outbound that they’ve been missing (if you missed samples of what these are, check out The Phone Smash Convo for the background and 3 videos)
  • get a third-party assessment people’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • every team gets ‘blinders” on about their best practices that have been working…expose your people to other ways of thinking that can ensure they’re not just successful today, but for the next year(s).
  • it’s guaranteed. complete it, and if it wasn’t worth your investment, get a no-questions-asked refund.

if you’ve been watching, and are on the fence – here are some reasons to get off your duff and DECIDE to join before the tonight’s deadline… since deadlines make the world go around:

  1. be personally featured (as in a whole page+) in a next book, The Predictables
  2. if you have at least 3 people signing up, get a free private 1-hour call with me (true value: $2500) to help you get the most of the Certification curriculum
  3. if you have a team of 25+, get a free onsite day with a senior partner to kick it off (true value $10k); or
  4. if you have 50+ people, i come out for a day onsite myself (true value: $25k+).
  5. note: if you have a team of 5+, ‘signing up’ by tonight means at least making a handshake commitment to us, since we realize internal approvals and payment aren’t always quick.

common Predictable Revenue Certification questions

  • “is it in-person or virtual?” [virtual.  we do have in-person options, email us back directly to inquire, or email … yes he is a different aron, with one ‘a’.]
  • “are you doing on-sites?” [yes, for an extra fee… email me back directly].
  • “how much time does it take per day/week?” [<1 hour/day.  it helps you do better in your current job, not distracts you from it]
  • “is there a team discount?”  [yes, for teams of 5+: 15%…email us]
  • “what if i have someone go through, but then they quit?”  [first have a conversation with them to ensure they’re committing to stay at your company for at least 2-3 more months.]

so here you go: visit and get in!

go for it.

say YES.

you can reply to me here with your questions.

thanks 🙂

– air

ps: make a damn decision.  if you want to, but aren’t sure…just frickin’ do it.

Ready for Predictable Revenue?

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