the next time someone at a party asks you what you do, pretend that they asked, “how do you help people?”

saastr might be over, but that hardly stops chaos at the ross zoo. looks like our new baby will be stuck in the ICU for a few more weeks. while my wife jess is bedside with our new daughter in florida, i’m manning the homestead with the rest of the clan.

since i’m grounded for the next week or two, at least i have time to share another excerpt from the new book, From Impossible To Inevitable; this one is on how to stop talking about yourself with prospects:

When prospects are first meeting you, they don’t care about what you do or what stuff you sell  – whether you’re SaaS, services, an auction site, mobile, whatever. They only care about what you do for them.

If you find yourself pitching solutions rather than results, these three questions hone in on what people care about and automatically help you reframe your thinking in terms of results for customers:

● How do you help customers?

● What’s so great about that?

● So what?

I’m an accountant in Los Angeles.” How do you help customers?

“I help businesses stay compliant.” What’s so great about that?” Or “So what?”

A business that’s not compliant in ___ can face fines of $150,000. I help businesses stay in compliance to have zero risk of big fines.

Whether you have a fancy pitch ready or not, the next time someone at a party asks you what you do, pretend instead that they said, “How do you help people?”

click here to check out “From Impossible to Inevitable”. 


– air

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