Aaron Ross - CEO PebblestormAaron Ross here. I’m really excited that all my sales work and teachings are moving to this site and brand/company: “Predictable Revenue, Inc”.  Isn’t “predictable” revenue the whole point of building a sales machine?   (This is a separate company from PebbleStorm/Unique Genius, and is entirely focused on helping CEOs and Sales VPs grow revenue and simplify management).

Also, I’m happy to announce:

1. A new partner & CEO

I have a new partner and CEO of the Predictable Revenue sales business: Marylou Tyler, a superstar at the outbound sales process and serial entrepreneur (see her note below on how we met). I am having a blast working with her, and she has taken my original sales processes and vastly improved on them!

2. A new online outbound sales course

I’ve helped clients double or quintuple revenue growth, but I’m not cheap.  For companies who aren’t ready to hire me as a personal sales coach, Marylou and I are opening a new, affordable online course in mid-July, 2011 that will teach you my keystone outbound sales process, the “Cold Calling 2.0” method.  This is the outbound sales process that helped create an extra $100 million for Salesforce.com in the first few years.

3. A new sales book

My next book, co-authored with Marylou, is a sales book called “Predictable Revenue”, and it will be on Amazon in about two months – keep an eye out for it.  In the meantime, get instant access to a FREE excerpt of the book by joining our community (enter your name and e-mail to join – we completely respect your privacy).

Now a note from my partner Marylou Tyler, CEO of Predictable Revenue, Inc.:

MLPhotoAs you may know, Marc Benioff is the founder and CEO of Salesforce.com, a multi-billion dollar software-as-a-service/cloud company.  Marc wrote a book called Behind The Cloud, about the founding and success of the company.  In his book, Rule #41 is “Telesales Works (Even Though Everyone Thinks It Doesn’t)”

When I first saw this rule, I couldn’t wait to read how his team implemented outbound sales methods [in 2003] to create $100 million in recurring revenue.

I was coaching a client who had a strong inbound process in place to generate leads:  White papers, testimonials, public relations, industry articles, SEO tactics, etc.  On the surface they were doing everything right.  Their opportunity pipeline, however, was stagnant.  I dug deeper and discovered by talking with prospects that over 80% were not qualified for the service my client was offering.  What a waste of expensive sales time – for every 2 hours of inbound follow-up, 1 ½ is spent talking to the wrong people. In frustration (and fear for my tenure as their consultant), I started researching what we could do to “stack the deck” with qualified opportunities aligned to my client’s sweet spot.

Marc’s words convinced me that I needed to explore this notion of using his “new and improved” method for generating qualified opportunities using the phone.  Well it turned out, it wasn’t the phone at all that was exclusively used.  And, I found out some other important differences in this process, which led me to actually find and talk to Aaron Ross, the mastermind who invented the method Salesforce used.  After 60 days of applying his method, I was not only able to triple the production of qualified leads for my client but had companies thanking me for initiating contact.

I firmly believe no duty is more urgent than that of returning thanks.  I have completely discarded my frustration and doubt about how I’m going to generate new opportunities thanks to what I’ve learned from Aaron.  We’ve created this course for you because we want the same successes and peace of mind for you that we’ve received.   To teach you not only how to generate new opportunities, but to look forward to applying the techniques you are learning.  A pipeline filled with qualified opportunities and negative or nagging doubts replaced with enjoyment, pleasure and fun!


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