I was walking my two older dogs this morning and as I passed along a site in Des Moines where they are adding pipeline to the streets, one of the workers came up to me and was smiling.

At 6AM in the morning, I thought how nice it was to be happy at work.

He approached me and handed me a brick.  As he handed me the brick, he said, “I know you’re new to Iowa, and you were asking about archaeological finds that we found in the trench.  I found this brick yesterday and wanted you to have it.”

The brick said “IOWA” on the back.

Can you see how this story has everything to do with business-to-business (B2B) sales?  The worker, after digging trenches all day long, for 20+ years, has found a way to continually maintain sustainable and positive energy while doing his work, his craft.  He was delighted to see me and hand me a gift.  I was thrilled to receive the gift and it felt good to be heard.

The next time you pick up the phone, or send that e-mail, what can you say or write that will give your prospects a sense that you really care about them?  How can you deliver value?  Have you been listening to what your prospects are asking?

Helping Your Prospects
Consider your responses to this list before your next contact with a prospect:

  1. What one piece of how-to information can I provide my prospect in my next e-mail or on the phone?
  2. What does my prospect dream of achieving?
  3. What steps does my prospect often miss when trying to achieve their goals?
  4. What is my prospect afraid of not knowing enough about?

Make your prospect’s day today. You’ll feel good and more importantly, they’ll feel heard and will remember you.

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