Always Be Closing vs. Adding Value: What’s The Best Sales Approach?

Still looking to bring in fast revenue via your next hire’s rolodex? You may be hiring outdated sales talent for your team. Consider this slide below:

It's a 2.0 World

Nobody argues that the internet has changed not only how people buy, but how we sell. We can no longer “push” our products and services to buyers armed with Google search power. The name of the game is adding value.

Did you know? It’s no longer “who can help me”, but rather “who can I help”. Is the majority of your sales team firmly planted under the 1.0 umbrella?  Are you still there?

Tip: Churn and burn makes for quite the heavy work day.  Lighten it up by finding people for your team who have embraced the future of the 2.0 sales world.

Ready for Predictable Revenue?

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