Why this September is going to make or break your 2018

Collin Stewart, CEO

29 August 2017

This month we’re making some major changes to how we kick off new clients (including our Case Study Writing Service) in order to help prepare them to crush 2018.  The best time to kick off a new prospecting team was 10 years ago, the second best time is today…  

We have four months left in the calendar year: three strong months (Sept to Nov) + one month that everyone underestimates (Dec).  If you want to start strong in 2018, this is your best time to get going.

September through November are always strong months for outbound campaigns, because everyone is back to work and people are pushing hard to achieve big things before the end of the year.   

December is the most underrated prospecting month of the year, many people easy up because they don’t want to “waste contacts” when they feel like people are out of the office.  Wrong!

Buyers still respond to emails over the holidays.  While there are case-by-case exceptions, in general we don’t see a slowdown in quality appointments in December.  One of the best times to be prospecting is when everyone else is slowing down. 

Even if you do see a drop off in responses or meetings booked in December, fear not.  Keeping up the educating and relationship-building with influencers and buyers in December lays the groundwork to start January off with a bang…

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Photo by Ryan Wong on Unsplash

These next three months vital to testing and figuring out your niche, targeting and messaging so that you can be confident in starting 2018 with proven, repeatable campaigns instead of spending the first 3 months of the year getting up to speed.  

We want to be your partner in creating “Outbound Success,” and sometimes it’s easier for you to start by hiring an external team to prospect for you, rather than your own internal people.  If you are looking for a company to prospect for you … our Accelerate Team of true Outbound Strategists can do this as your ‘external team’ until if/when you want to take it over in-house.  

Take a look at this special Accelerate Team offer through September 30 only… 

Get our Accelerate “Pro” package ($7k/ month) at the price of “Standard” ($5k/month). For example:

First: get our “triple up campaign launch” at no extra charge, to triple the speed of learning, messaging, and results right out of the gate.

Instead of simply ramping one targeted, thoughtful and tested campaign at a time and learning along the way, our strategy team will instead ramp three account-, vertical-, or persona-based campaigns starting day one of your engagement.  

Second: sign up by Sept 30, and get two (2) outbound-ready case studies created or re-done by our Case Study Writing Service ($2500 each) at no extra charge.  Case studies are part of the lifeblood of outbound and where companies often miss the boat, especially if you’re in a crowded market, aren’t differentiated enough (or sure how to communicate your differentiation), or are in professional services. 

Getting your case studies written or re-written specifically for outbound purposes, with the “3 C’s” (concise, crisp, concrete), can make ALL the difference too.  One great case study can change your trajectory.   

Third: Performance Guarantees… come talk to us to find out more.

“get triple the value in learning, messaging, and results right out of the gate.”

In your first three months, the most important thing isn’t the number of calls or emails made.. it’s figuring out what’s going to work with your prospects and what won’t – so you can scale it up.  

If you want your sales team to be in a better place by this time next year, the best time to start is now.   Get a jump on 2018 and come talk to us to find out more…

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