On this edition of The Predictable Revenue Podcast, host Collin Stewart welcomes Derek Grant, VP of Commercial Sales at Atlanta-based sales development juggernaut SalesLoft.

Derek knows his way around a sales team. Before joining SalesLoft, Derek held high-profile leadership positions at industry-leading firms like Pardot, as well as customer experience focused startup FullStory.

Throughout the pod, Collin and Derek discuss SalesLoft’s evolution towards account-based sales, as well as how it’s marketing and sales teams collaborate to execute on a detailed account-based playbook. Highlights include: a minimum threshold for account-based sales ([8:12]), why SalesLoft run an account-based playbook ([9:26]), SalesLoft’s account-based segmentation ([17:29]), a “Hypothesis of Need” ([20:57]), executing an account-based playbook ([27:06]), Derek’s best and worst plays ([33:11]).

Read the full interview here: The Ins and Outs of SalesLoft’s Account-Based Playbook: A Conversation With Sales Leader Derek Grant

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