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On this edition of The Predictable Revenue Podcast, host Collin Stewart welcomes Sean Banks, Director of Sales Development at Atlanta’s QASymphony, a growing international firm providing enterprise-level agile development testing tools to some of the world’s most well-known companies.  

Sean is a seasoned sales development leader, with experience leading enterprise teams at public companies, as well remote SDRs at fast-growing startups.  

Throughout the pod, Collin and Sean focus on the ever-critical one on one interview. In particular, Collin and Sean chat about how to make these critical meetings more effective, for the both the rep and the manager. Highlights include: why every sales manager should do one-on-ones ([16:35]), how to make sure you’re always adding value to one-on-ones as a sales manager ([24:50]), how to bolster your one-on-ones during the rest of the week ([29:41]), and some advice for new sales managers ([43:32]).

Read the full interview here: How to get the most out of your one on ones with Sean Banks

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