On this edition of The Predictable Revenue Podcast, host Collin Stewart welcomes Steve Mayernick, Product Marketing Lead at Guru, a Philadelphia-based company re-inventing the way teams store and share internal knowledge / marketing assets.

Steve is a veteran product marketer and sales enablement pro, having led fast rapidly growing sales and marketing teams, specifically in the data marketing and business intelligence fields.

Throughout the pod, Collin and Steve take a step back from our regular in-the-trenches sales discussion to examine sales enablement – the process and function of arming salespeople with the tools they need to close. Highlights include: defining sales enablement ([10:43]), how to begin an effective sales enablement function ([12:38]), the various marketing assets sales enablement functions can produce ([18:46]), Steve’s battle cards ([25:20]), and how to operationalize a sales enablement function ([34:18]).

Read the full interview here: Why Marketers Suck at Sales Enablement…And How to Fix It