On this edition of The Predictable Revenue Podcast, hosts Collin Stewart and Aaron Ross welcome Anthony Zhang, Head of Sales Development at Atlanta-based hull.

Anthony is a long-time business development professional and SDR leader – he was the first SDR at Pardot, the first hire at Salesloft (where he eventually went on to become the Director of Sales), and a veteran sales consultant and advisor. Anthony is a powerhouse.

Throughout the pod, Collin, Aaron and Anthony take a detailed look at Anthony’s tips and tricks on how to set up a successful sales development operation (also known as Anthony’s SDR pre-flight checklist). Highlights include: mapping out sales development and process ([1:33]), the dangers of tracking too much ([11:41]), executing your plan ([23:00]), and analysis vs. iteration ([26:00]).

Read the full interview here: Anthony Zhang On How To Set Set Your Team And Your Company Up For Sales Development Success