On this special edition of the Predictable Revenue podcast, host Collin Stewart invites GowthX co-founder Sean Sheppard into the Predictable Revenue office for a live, wide-ranging chat on sales fundamentals.

Sheppard is a San Francisco-based veteran sales leader, investor, writer, mentor…and former professional golfer (the man has done it all). Currently, Sheppard is co-founder and lead instructor at GrowthX and GrowthX Academy, an early-stage venture capital fund and training ground for tech sales, marketing and design professionals.

Throughout this episode, Collin and Sean discuss the importance of market development, being a human on sales calls and elevating the status of the sales professional. Highlights include: Sheppard’s definition of market development vs. customer development ([6:35]), different buyer types ([21:14]), and Sheppard’s investigative questioning framework ([25:38]).

Read the full interview here: Why GrowthX’s Sean Sheppard preaches listening, authenticity and research as the pillars of successful selling