In this edition of the Predictable Revenue Podcast, hosts Collin Stewart and Aaron Ross welcome Phil Trapani, Director of Sales Development at PossibleNow. PossibleNow, and its subsidiary Compliance Point, are disrupting the marketing world with its suite of compliance and message-focused solutions for Fortune 1000 companies.

Phil was the the first SDR at PossibleNow only four years ago – the same year his CEO gave him a copy of Predictable Revenue. After consistent month-over-month and year-over-year growth, Phil now leads a team of SDRs focused on lead generation for the company’s enterprise sales teams.

Throughout this episode, Collin, Aaron and Phil investigate two pillars of PossibleNow’s sales culture: its 90-day training plan and its SDR-to-AE development structure. Highlights include: PossibleNow’s detailed “ramp plan” ([5:50]), PossibleNow’s quota structure ([17:15]), and its SDR-to-AE growth plan ([21:15]).