I’m Building a New Team

I Haven’t Read The Book

Why Salespeople Shouldn't Prospect

Aaron discusses his experience at Salesforce.com starting a new group that used an innovative outbound prospecting approach (involving no cold calls) to create new leads.

Acquia, Now The Fastest Growing Software Co. In NA

“…in just 37 days, they had executive agreement on the outbound sales strategy, had hired the first three prospectors, and signed on Aaron Ross of Predictable Revenue for help”

Why Outbound Fails

“…like starting a business or getting married or having kids or drinking coffee – outbound prospecting can be amazing for some businesses, but it isn’t for everyone… be very careful or adaptable in how you use it for your business”

I Have Read The Book

Hiring & Recruiting

“…you want to find someone who is a problem solver, and who is entrepreneurial. Ideally you want to have someone in your company who would like the opportunity to do this.”

Sales Apps & Tools

Sales is becoming increasingly more automated, especially in building an outbound machine. Over the past three years things have accelerated faster than ever before.


The single most important thing you can do to improve your sales and lead generation results is to specialize your roles. The 4 Core Sales Roles are 1) Prospectors, 2) Inbound Lead…