Why I Work 20-30 Hours A Week

hours worked vs insights

  • INSIGHTS are what drive breakthroughs, including in marketing, sales & money.
  • INSIGHTS create uniqueness, value & meaning.
  • INSIGHTS are fun & fulfilling to have & share!
  • INSIGHTS can be repeatable.

When I work more than about 25-30 hours a week, regularly, I can feel my insights dry up in the hustle and bustle of pressure & busyness.

When I work 20-30 hours a week, with occasional deadlines, constraints or short-but-intense working bursts (all which can increase creativity), I consistently get great insights, many of which I share here or on PebbleStorm.com.

Also, those 20ish hours can’t all be emailing and typing – I have to be having conversations with people & clients.

What conditions have to exist for you to have more great ideas?

5 thoughts on “Why I Work 20-30 Hours A Week

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  2. @voltageCRM

    I find solitary exercise (cycling, running, walking, hiking, etc…) really helps calm my mind and get into the zone where my brain is most likely to generate insight.

    When I drive I’ll sometimes turn the radio off and just listen to what’s happening upstairs (my brain), this works especially well on long road trips.

  3. Asa

    I have not arrived at the place where I feel I can consider working that amount of time which I need to assess. For great ideas to come I like to be in constant motion which can come in the form of driving, stair master, or running.

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  5. Naveen

    Honestly, great place for ideas have been showers. On the other hand, good ideas come up during meditations and yoga as well.

    Question for Aaron: If you are having 25-30 calls a week, when are you doing the emailing, etc?


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