the final video i’m releasing on Predictable University is about a discussion i have too often when people are struggling with getting the email or phone responses they want from outbound, or someone on the team is banging their head against the wall…

NOTE: no phones were hurt in the making of this video.

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(if you missed them… links to Video #2,  Video #1 and the original story of why i’m creating the Predictable Revenue Certification program).

if you’re seriously interested for yourself or your team in enrolling in the new Predictable University to get Predictable Revenue Certified, keep reading for Q&A and a Friday midnight deadline.

thanks 🙂

– air

ps: common Predictable Revenue Certification questions

  • “is it in-person or virtual?” [primarily virtual. we do have in-person options, email us back directly to inquire, or email – yes he is a different aron, with one ‘a’.]  
  • “are you doing on-sites?” [sometimes… email me back directly].  
  • “how much time does it take per day/week?” [<1 hour/day]  
  • “is there a team discount?”  [yes, for teams of >5…email us]

pps: DEADLINES make the world go around… to help people make a decision to sign up early rather than procrastinating until the last minute, if you sign up by midnight PST this Friday for Certification:

  1. be personally featured (as in a whole page+) in a next book, The Predictables
  2. if you have a team of 25+, get a free onsite day with a senior partner to kick it off; or if you have 50+ people, i come out for a day personally.
  3. note: if you have a team of 5+, ‘signing up’ by Friday means at least making a handshake commitment to us, since we realize internal approvals and payment can take more than 24 hours.

so here you go: visit for the 4-week course to be Predictable Revenue Certified.

ppps: the brilliant videographer who helped me with this series… my 2nd oldest daughter, victoria!

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