this is the 2nd video i’m releasing around Predictable University (with the last one coming in the next day or so).

this is something TOO MANY people get wrong about Cold Calling 2.0 / Predictable Revenue’s outbound systems…   here’s my ~3 minute rant:

YouTube Preview Image

(if you’re just tuning in, here’s the 1st video, and also why i’m creating this series in the first place).

quick answers to common Predictable University questions

  • is it in-person or virtual? [primarily virtual. we do have in-person options, email us back directly to inquire.]
  • are you doing onsites? [sometimes… email me back directly].
  • how much time does it take per day/week? [<1 hour/day]

deadlines make the world go around

we’re finalizing some incentives to help people make a decision to sign up early for the next class, by midnight this Friday (ex: a free onsite day for teams of 25+, or be featured in a new book…).

so blah blah blah…enough for now.

thanks 😀
– air

ps: time for a big new arm tattoo – design in progress, see the picture below!  my wife gave it to me as a birthday present.  i’m going to get it done this Friday, unless we get a call to go to Florida to pick up a baby we’re adopting.  i don’t get as much sleep as i want, but it’s also never boring here, no sirree.

there’s a whole section on the ups and downs of parent-entrepreneurship in the back of From Impossible; really excited to say it was named by Amazon as a Best Book of the Month. 😀

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