The chaos factor

Aaron Ross

11 September 2017

Something i’ve been thinking about a lot lately is chaos. i used to be chaos-poor (and often bored)… and now, with businesses and kids, i’m chaos-rich (aaaaaahhhhh help me!!)

faster growth => more chaos.

or – is it the chaos that helps create the growth? maybe you need more of it if you’re not growing as fast as you wish – whether in sales, relationships or life.

it might be that you have too many “stuck” habits or patterns. a legacy sales process. a stale pitch. an employee who’s doing the minimum…

(or a relationship plateau, or unchanging eating habits…)

chaos helps break these stuck patterns…whether you like it or not.

so: when the sh_t hits the fan, embrace it. it can be in the form of a key person or customer leaving, cashflow / sales struggles, or an executive or partner breakdown. (or sickness or life issues.)

how to deal with it:

1) make a list of all the worst parts of this, and the worst that can happen. do an anxiety dump.

2) now…make a new list. what are the positive outcomes of this happening. what is the opportunity here?

keep doing this (even mentally), and it’ll help you develop a mindset of flipping chaos-created problems into growth opportunities.

you might as well learn to embrace the chaos, because it’s going to happen…you just can’t predict when or how severe it’ll be.

aaron ‘air’ ross

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i get it. sometimes you just want to rock the pink cowgirl boots AND ariel pajamas… why limit yourself?