Simple vs. growth companies
Aaron Ross
11 October 2017
The past few months i’ve been fleshing out some more ideas around ‘how to build your outbound program right the 1st time’. one key idea is “do you want to be a simple company or a growth company?” and how that affects the vision of your long-term solution for outbound prospecting.

to be successful at outbound, you need to know what you’re working towards (“landing”), and how to get it started on the right foot (“takeoff”). so:


simple companies are usually a lean team / a small business, and want to grow, but without sacrificing simplicity (their top value). for example: they often would rather outsource outbound prospecting over hiring more people. the long-term solution for simple companies for outbound prospecting could be pretty much anything: outsourcing to a partner, or having someone internally do it full- or part-time. it’s totally up in the air depending on results, people and culture. getting started usually looks like either 1) getting outsourced help, or 2) part-time prospecting by someone on the team.


growth companies will do whatever it takes to grow, which is their most important value. they think “we are open to whatever will work better, whether internal / external /etc.” for growth companies, the long-term outbound prospecting solution is always having a dedicated internal team of prospectors. getting started for growth companies usually involves hiring or transferring 1-3 people to be dedicated prospectors. or, if that will take awhile or would take too much management time, using an external firm to prospect for you right away while getting the internal team in place 3-6 months later.


as The Outbound Success Company, Predictable Revenue can help you pick the right vision to work towards and get your program started off on the right foot, whether you want to begin with internal prospectors or external help.

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