Don’t jump on the bandwagon because everyone else is.

A lot of people ask me what my take is on social media for sales. I usually tells owners to do social media only if it’s a passion; otherwise save it for later because it’s usually more distracting than creating company growth.

randRand Fishkin, founder and former CEO of Moz, agrees that, “not every CEO should be the social leader for his/her company.”

He maintains that it’s more important to do social only when it makes sense. Don’t just jump on the bandwagon because everyone else is doing it.

Rand’s advice:

“If you don’t have the passion, aptitude, curiosity, or willingness to experiment, you’re probably better off using your time and energy elsewhere. The CEO isn’t the only one who can help their company achieve traction in social channels.”

But Rand pointed out for us that a CEO can be a pretty powerful player in social participation. The final word from “The Wizard of Moz” on social at the C-level is:

“If you have the maturity/judgement to regularly engage and represent your brand’s values positively, it can be “a needle-moving activity in recruiting, fundraising, networking, customer acquisition, press, and many other key objectives for your business”.

Rand’s top tip for C-level execs that want to engage more on social but never find the time? Add value on your social platforms in the 5 minutes you’ve got in the back of a cab.

So while every C-level exec doesn’t need to make social media his #1 priority, it does provide a unique opportunity for everyone to become thought leaders in their industry by providing value. SDRs and AEs can use social as a way to prospect by listening and educating to gain trust.


More actionable tips from pros in the space:


  • Set 20 minutes aside to look for ways to network and meet new people on social media. Social connections can help influence deals and customer happiness down the road. Socially surround your connections — connect with them in multiple ways on multiple networks. After you’ve made solid connections with one person on multiple social networks, take a look through the prospect’s followers and see who else you can connect with. As long as you aren’t stepping over the line into creepy territory, you’ll be able to build relationships pretty easily on social media.      
    – Jill Rowley, Social Selling Evangelist
  • “Who’s viewed your profile” on LinkedIn is a goldmine for helping you make connections with people who already demonstrate an interest in your personal brand. Monitor these and send personalized emails. Leverage LinkedIn to create personas based on activity, groups they participate in and, topics of interest. Look for correlating behaviors and defining attributes that align with your target buyers to establish propensity to engage, and even buy.
    Koka Sexton, Social Selling Labs, LinkedIn

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