outbound pop quiz

if you run through your list with little to no response rate,  you should:  
(*warning: yes, more than one answer could be correct, but what is the BEST answer)

a) get MORE data / contacts and keep sending
b) send more emails to the SAME people (follow up is key)
c) rethink WHO you’re targeting
d) rethink WHAT you’re sending

we’ll get to the answer in a sec, but if want to help your sales team navigate around these and other outbound issues, you might be interested in Predictable University.

course curriculum

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under my personal instruction students will be able to:

  • ask me questions and have them answered in live sessions
  • learn the main “approaches” that work best, in what order
  • access templates for referrals, email responses and follow-ups
  • track metrics and benchmark best practices
  • network with other industry experts (plus other SDRs)

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and now back to that pop quiz – correct answer: d.)

a) get MORE data / contacts and keep sending:
GOD NO. if it didn’t work yet, why keep sending?

b) start followup sequences (because follow up is key):
Yes…followup IS key. but if you’re first email (your “initial”) isn’t getting enough positive responses yet, fix it first before relying on followups.

c) rethink WHO you’re targeting:
yes… could be, but it’s not yet the BEST answer, which is…

d) rethink WHAT you’re sending: get used to iterating and testing way more “initial” template formats, with different keywords and key phrases, than you might expect (& we cover how to source them in Predictable University).

did you get it right? great, maybe you’d like to be a guest lecturer!

– air



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