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The chaos factor

Something i’ve been thinking about a lot lately is chaos. i used to be chaos-poor (and often bored)… and now, with businesses and kids, i’m chaos-rich.

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How Agile Applies to Modern Sales Management

How Agile Applies to Modern Sales Management Collin Stewart, CEO05 September 2017The following is an excerpt from The Ultimate Guide to Agile Sales Management by Base, Ambition, LeadGenius and LearnCore. By now you may be wondering: how does any of this translate to...

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Aaron Ross, of the award-winning, bestselling book Predictable Revenue, has been teaching companies how to double or triple (or more) new sales since he helped Salesforce grow from $5m to $100m. Now he’s turned his attention to building the software platform that will power the next wave of Cold Calling 2.0 teams.