A Full Day of Niche Finding With Aaron Ross

Clues that you haven’t nailed a growth niche yet:

  • you’ve grown mostly through word of mouth, and struggle with lead generation (especially outbound prospecting)
  • you’re in professional services (consulting, custom development, coaching, etc) 
  • you’re good at too many things, making it hard to focus on One Great Thing or your Unique Genius
  • your solution is a nice-to-have to prospects, not a need-to-have
  • you can get appointments, but no one buys after that

We’ll teach you a whole new way of thinking about what it takes to grow, faster.

Example exercise: enter the matrix:  (picture of a recent workshop whiteboard)

Another example exercise: we’ll help you map out 5 elements of a great niche:
1) Popular Pain
2) Tangible Results
3) Believable Solution
4) Identifiable Targets
5) Unique Genius

Of course there’s a lot more, but this should be plenty to help you tell whether it’s worth learning more.

Some details:

  • Date: March 19th, 9am – 5pm
  • Location: Vancouver, BC (we don’t have any others scheduled right now)
  • Price: $5k per team/company (and includes preparation + followup support)

It’ll be a small group of companies, so you’ll get Aaron’s personal help, walking away with clarity in where and how you are going to grow.  

If you’re interested in getting more details email Kay: kay@carb.io.

PS – a few nuggets from the upcoming section in the new book on nailing a niche…

  • “Niche” doesn’t mean small.  It means focused.  
  • Comfort is the enemy of growth.
  • Being really good at lots of things can be a real problem.
  • Going from selling to Early Adopters (& friends) to Mainstream Buyers (& strangers) requires learning whole new skills, like a runner deciding to switch to triathlons. 
  • By focusing on a niche, you’re not giving anything up.  You’re making it easier for a target market to get excited about you.
  • Your case studies are too vague & impersonal.
  • Why do they need you?  Are they willing to invest enough money?   If not them, then who?
  • It’s not about what you can do, it’s about what customers need & want.

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