have you realized yet there’s no magic solution, lottery ticket or “just add water” system to making a LOT more money / sales…

damn, that was a painful lesson for me to learn over too many years.  how many years have you been at it?

but there are PROVEN tactics that work and work and work AND WORK.  

whether for ginormous companies or small, scrappy ones and ‘the little guys’ (who i love).

we’ll cover those and other key tips to making more money faster on a new webinar tomorrow that my partner Aron Placencia, cofounder with me of Predictable University, is holding.

Aron used the Predictable Revenue system to increase the value of TheCarForce from $1.5m to $7.5 in 90 days(?!).  and he’s taught hundreds of scrappy entrepreneurs and teams the Predictable Revenue system through PredictableUniversity.com.

in the webinar “How You Can Create Exponential Revenue Growth On-Demand”…

  1. How to Manufacture TIME
  2. The Predictable Mindset
  3. Nailing Your Niche
  4. List-Building tips (everyone struggles with lists)
  5. Effective Mapping Calls (LOVE this technique)

RSVP for the webinar happening TOMORROW…
Details “Webinar: How You Can Create Exponential Revenue Growth On-Demand” 


ps: the next Predictable University class starts next Tuesday 1/31.

student include anyone who needs to be great at prospecting… new SDRs/prospectors, solopreneurs, small businesses, startups, salespeople who have to prospect part-time, and “train the trainer” leaders.   interested in details or to check on any specials, email aron@predictableuniversity.com for more information.

pps: my China trip is at an end today… i’ve had a surprisingly good time here with the two boys and my mom.   trust me – adoption trips can be much more painful… but the food’s been GREAT, the boys (two 12 year olds) are super easy and fun.

a couple “day in the life in china” videos rec’d with snapchat:

(i know the “portrait mode on youtube” is ugly… have a better suggestion?)

good thing my mom doesn’t read this else she’d probably kill me: