how’s your 2016, now that we’re a month in – off to an exciting / confusing / complicated start?

if you don’t have a simple answer to that, welcome to my world.  i’m a parent/entrepreneur.  i don’t have good or bad days. every day is a mix.  same thing goes for my weeks, months, and years.  it’s unpredictable. unpredictability is part of life whether we like it or not.  funny… because i wrote the book on predictability.  literally!

so how do we handle uncertainty?  focus on fundamentals.  and give yourself a break.  because the decisions you agonize over today will seem obvious tomorrow. back in 2010, i agonized over what my prior book’s title should be.  my heart and soul and all my knowledge were in that book.  the name needed to be perfect. for a while, i convinced myself “Build A Sales Machine” was the best possible choice.  here’s the early mockup to prove it –>

not as good, right?  predictable revenue is obviously so much better.  but it wasn’t obvious back then.  and that’s the point. nothing ever is. take outbound prospecting. a few years ago, you could decide to spend a career mastering cold calls and knocking on doors. suddenly, email and social came along with its million channels.  who predicted that?  certainly nobody who decided to go into sales in 1993.

this phenomenon is happening again.  five years ago Predictable Revenue sparked an outbound prospecting renaissance.  the SDR/BDR role grew like crazy. but then distracting new ideas came along.  they always do.  and they make you question whether you’re doing things right.

i’m talking about the countless methods and apps and approaches for outbound prospecting.  it’s a problem.  misguided advice and too many (good or bad) choices are stifling teams and SDRs.  it’s hard to see the best path, or how to break a plateau.  recent college grads are disoriented.  some seasoned pros are baffled, too. many turn to the blogosphere for clarity.  there’s ‘too much‘ good content, and many of the new ideas on outbound are just plain wrong.  even manipulative.  or just lazy lead-bait.

you’ve seen the recycled tips, tricks, and BS.  the listicles of ten commandments of high-response rate email templates, optimized subject lines, social selling, cadences, phone scripts, blah blah.  and much of it conflicts. there’s value in all this, but it’s oversold and overhyped to catch your eye, make you AGONIZE over tons of meaningless decisions (do i send emails at 7am, or 8:30a?  do i make calls before 9am or after 10a?), and get you to join an email list or buy something you might not need.

the result of all this is the NEGLECT OF FUNDAMENTALS.  people forget to master the unsexy basics. when this happens, all the new apps and methods in the world can’t save you. and that’s no prediction. it’s a certainty.  i see it all the time. this trend is bad for business. it’s bad for the industry, and the predictable, repeatable success we live for.

let’s do something about it! 

[so, taking a short break for a bit around sharing sample of the new From Impossible book… ]

this week i’m unveiling details about the new Predictable Revenue Certification at Predictable University.  this program is innovative in part because of its FIERCE LOYALTY TO FUNDAMENTALS.

in the coming days, i’ll be sending you some new videos on issues that matter.  they are:

  1. why your email response rates don’t matter as much as you think;  a breakthrough i can’t wait to share.
  2. how most people COMPLETELY MISSED the entire point about Predictable Revenue and Cold Calling 2.0.
  3. the conversation with SDRs and teams that makes me wish i could REACH THROUGH MY PHONE AND CHOKE PEOPLE.  in a friendly ‘wake up!’ kind of way, of course 🙂

life is uncertain, but here’s something that isn’t: when outbound prospecting works, it can create INCREDIBLE growth.  you can begin to define your destiny. that’s why mastering the basics should be your goal this year. if you do that, you’ll be way ahead of the game.

all the best,


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