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salesloftSalesLoft was founded in the fall of 2011. They’re a company who isn’t falling victim to marketing mistakes.

Here’s how effective they are with inbound:

In their first full year, 2012, they had 2,400 leads. The following year, 2013, SaleLoft grew inbound leads 5x, ending up with:

– 12K+ inbound leads
– 191 sales opportunities
– 110 customers
– $400K in recurring revenue

Lesson #1: Focused on “Influencer Marketing”

SalesLoft promoted the messages of thought leaders in their space through:

– A Sales Leader Video Series ( Jason and I both interviewed for it)
– Infographics
– Book Reviews
– Webinars

Result: SalesLoft gained credibility and sometimes experts promoted the content. Plus, SalesLoft is building valuable relationship (how do you think they ended up here?)

Lesson #2: Simple Lead Signups

SalesLoft made the free product SUPER simple to sign up for… (download the eBook for more).

Lesson #3: Live Events Matter

Nothing beats ‘in-person’! SalesLoft invented the B2BCamp conference and Ultimate Sales Conference to build community (1300+ total attendees).

Tip: Community events build recognition, loyalty, and helped solidify SalesLoft as a thought leader. Frequently, the outbound team gets VP responses like: “oh, I’ve heard of you, you put on that event in December…”

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 1.17.56 PMLesson #4: Maintain a Drumbeat of 3-4 Weekly Blog Posts
Including guest posts from those same thought leaders.

Action Tip: Use graphics and break up big paragraphs into small chunks to make it easier to scan or read.

And… many companies struggle to post that much on their blog. Neil Patel (inbound marketing superstar at QuickSprout) says it’s more important to be consistent in your posting that to post a lot.

Lesson #5: Use Outbound Techniques with Inbound Leads

A common complaint about inbound leads is that many of them end up being low-level people without any authority. SalesLoft finds out who the boss(es) are for the leads coming in and isn’t afraid to go after them with outbound prospecting.

“Mr. VP, 15 members of your team are using our product, a handful have attended our events and they’ve downloaded 6 white papers. Could we set up a short call to learn about what you want & share more?”

Total Inbound Marketing Activities Over 2 Years (2012 + 2013)

– 310 blog posts
– 3500 + tweets
– 31 videos
– 7 guest posts
– 5 hosted events

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