The following is an excerpt from The Predictable Revenue Guide To Tripling Your Sales:

in-person meetings: learn faster, build relationships, differentiate

Electrabel is a ~5000 person division of GDF Suez (a $100 billion+ power company). Electrabel produces and sells electricity, natural gas and energy services to retail and business customers.

Less Admin, More Selling

The energy markets have been chaotic the past few years, and Electrabel needed to reorganize its sales team to be more flexible, waste less time and have more, better sales visits, through:electrabel

• More useful time with customers
• More consistent sales messaging
• Less prep, admin and office visits

Collateral Hell

A main problem for salespeople was the profusion of customer content and collateral, often outdated, and in different locations, such as electronic versions on shared drives and (somewhere) in email, or paper versions stashed in closets and car trunks.

Salespeople found it very cumbersome to pull up just the right information at the right time to share with their customers. And each salesperson printed 2300 pages (!?) per year on average. Electrabel wanted to make it simple for their reps to access a marketing-managed library of all their content & collateral on their iPads/tablets.

Electrabel bought tablets, developed a mobile approach & decided to use Showpad as their main mobile sales app. Their mobile strategy cut down admin so much, salespeople were able to hold an extra five (5!) customer visits a week. Reps now can easily find the collateral they need, and they know that it’s 100% current.

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 2.50.30 PM

What’s So Great About That?

11) Five Extra Customer Visits / Week: They cut down drastically on the hours reps spent preparing for and following up from meetings.

2.) Save Hassle & Money: Electrabel’s saving the time and expense of each salesperson printing an average of 2300 pieces of paper (!!!) per year.

3. Don’t Have To Build It Themselves: Yes, your tech group would think it’s cool to build mobile apps themselves (and it’d be great for their resumes), but rather than developing and maintaining an in- house custom tablet apps, companies like Showpad can do it cheaper, faster & better.

4. Instant Objection Handling: If a prospect asks any obscure question such as “How much power does it require?”, a rep can pull up say, an Installation Guide, to answer the question on the spot, rather than via email day(s) later.

5. Measure Usage: Marketing can actually report accurately on what content pieces are being used – or ignored.

6. Reps Can Sell In The Moment: A rep can instantly pull up the few, best additional products or services a customer should consider buying and using (in fact, 67% of the reps presented more products than they’d planned on before the meeting.)

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