The following is an excerpt from Part 2 of the new ‘Predictable Revenue Guide To Tripling Your Sales‘:

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 12.56.53 PMNeil Patel’s the youngin’ behind the QuickSprout internet marketing blog, and founder of KissMetrics, a marketing analytics company.

I originally met him through friends in Los Angeles a few years ago, and have been impressed at how his businesses have just taken off!

Here are his content tips…

#1) Write Content For Your Readers, Not For You

Try to create content that solves their biggest problems. Don’t write to make your boss happy, write to make your audience happy.

#2) Use Tools To Find Interests

Tools like Qualaroo surveys and drip email campaigns can help you get smarter about tuning into what your audience cares about.

#3) Content Is Becoming Increasingly More Detailed

The more helpful your content is, the better. Blog posts that lay out step by step instructions of how to do things like implement, break down inbound marketing steps, create sales scripts, do growth hacking, etc. do really well. This may be why you’ve seen a growth in things like “The Ultimate Guide To ____” and “The Definitive Guide To ____” – they work.

Speaking of which, to see an example, check out Neil’s “Definitive Guide To Growth Hacking“.

#4) You Don’t Need To Blog Every Day Or Every Week

Make a plan and stick with it, whether that’s posting daily, weekly or bimonthly. Start with less commitment and then increase as you go if it makes sense.

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