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bag the PredRev bundle discount by 8/31

today’s the deadline for jason lemkin and me to turn in the manuscript of our book, entitled From Impossible To Inevitable: How HyperGrowth Companies Create Predictable Revenue.

and, more importantly to you – today’s your last chance to bag the Predictable Revenue Bundle.

have you checked it out yet, including the three options in it?

we teamed up the ‘Carburetor by Predictable Revenue’ app with Yesware,, PandaDoc and other resources on the 1st ever Predictable Revenue Bundle:

  • 5 SaaS apps, 4 eBooks and 3 eLearning courses from leading minds in outbound at a ridiculous 82% discount, perfect for tight budgets.

get your bundle here, my friend. 

questions? email my bundle mastermind, matt smith:


– air 🙂

ps: furiously finishing the last bits of the book from a starbucks – needed a powerful a/c situation!

way too hot here…

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