If you build lists, they will come…

A sales topic that comes up both with clients and Predictable University students, is how to build a list of qualified leads. Datanyze, Data.com (used to be Jigsaw), InsideView, OneSource, Hoovers, ZoomInfo, and NetProspex are all proven data sources for general corporate lists.  If you have a really specific niche, you may need to look for a unique list source or broker.  

Building it by hand generally produces a better targeted list since you get to be the determining factor on whether a company is a good fit. But to make the most of your time, you need to delegate sifting to someone else, usually by using either pre-built lists or a database service.

Every data provider has both strengths and weaknesses, so pay very close attention to the quality of leads that come through the filters you set up. This will help you adjust your criteria so your searches yield companies that match your Ideal Customer Profile.

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 2.10.28 PMWho has the best data? Our CARB.IO team has gotten both amazing and terrible reviews from different clients about nearly the exact same data set, so it depends who you ask. Ultimately, list quality drills down to filter quality, but even more importantly, whether you’ve Nailed Your Niche.

PredRev Hub Tips

We asked our online predictable revenue community how they build lists beyond buying them from databases – here’s what they suggest. (Shout out to our community members for these! David J. Bradley, Mark Benak, Alan Chavez, Will Johnson, Michael Fulenwider, Vincent Guibert)

1. Offer actionable content on your landing page.
2. Host free webinars and educational courses.
3. Compile your inbound inquiries.
4. Check out Industry associations and engage with prospects talking about pains you solve.
5. Create ebooks, white-papers, reports and infographics for data capture.
6. Attend live events.
7. Use pipeline automation tools like CARB.IO
8. Ask for referrals from current customers.
9. Try Social Selling on platforms like Facebook and Linkedin – create personas based on activity, groups, and topics of interest.

Protip: ‘Who’s viewed your profile’ on LinkedIn is a goldmine making connections with people who have already demonstrated an interest in your personal brand. Monitor these and send personalized emails. Leverage LinkedIn to create personas based on activity, groups they participate in and, topics of interest. Look for correlating behaviors and defining attributes that align with your target buyers to establish propensity to engage, and even buy.’  – Koka Sexton, Social Selling Labs, LinkedIn

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